Save Little Lake Valley

Stop the Caltrans Willits Bypass!

Write to Judge John Behnke


Following is a template for a letter to Judge Behnke. Rather than providing a form letter, we areasking that everyone personalize their letters by using the guide below. Print the letters and send them to Omar Figueroa at the address provided.

Dear Judge Behnke:

Paragraph 1: Introductory paragraph explaining who you are and your reason for writing — to request that charges against Will Parrish be dismissed.

Paragraph 2: Your opinion, based on facts, regarding Will’s character, setting forth his virtues; for example: peaceful, trustworthy, honest, intelligent, eloquent, etc.

Paragraph 3: Your recommendation that charges against Will Parrish be dismissed in the interest of justice and that he be declared factually innocent pursuant to Penal Code § 851.8(d) with the concurrence of the prosecution at the time of dismissal.


  • Remember to include specific examples in your character reference letter; particularities are more persuasive than generalities.
  • Sign and date the letter with a contact number (phone, pager, etc.) and, if possible, please type & print out on letterhead.