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Understand The Side Bet of Blackjack

Side Bet is another popular bet in tangkasnet but you need to know how to use and win this game using this bet. Many professional gamblers will suggest the beginners to choose Blackjack as the main game in their career to be the successful gambling player. Blackjack is the most played game so this is good for those who want to look for win. You can enjoy the game but also think of the best method to win the game. People choose it instead of other games because Blackjack has the lower house edge that will make them easy to get the high return and Side Bet is another popular betting option.

What is Side Bet in Blackjack?

You might be bored to hear about basic strategy in Blackjack while gambling. However, this is the only way you need to do if you want to win the game. Forget about the foolproof or even advanced way to win Blackjack because what you need to do is sticking to the fundamental ways which are commonly used by players for long time. You need to master some skills first when you are so interested in this game. Don’t make things complicated by sitting down without mastering it.

Somehow, many people think Blackjack is so hard and difficult because there are many things you need to do to boost the balances. To win the standard hands in this game, you can use another simple but great way which is called the side bet. This is the bet placed to add the ante or the beginning bet for this game and it can make players win and get more money for some hands which are held. Most games with progressive jackpot inside may offer the side bet and this one can give the the massive result.

This bet is totally popular in Blackjack online with Royal Match as the version of the game played with side bet. You may place the bet if you think the first 2 cards may be suited or same. The 2 suited cards in Blackjack will give you around 5:2 of the return when Royal Match consisting with King and Queen with the same suit may offer even bigger with 25:1 of the payout. However, this combination is quite rare to happen but it doesn’t mean this is impossible because you can win right away with it.

How Much You can Get From Side Bet of Blackjack?

The payout of the Royal Match as the starting hand in Blackjack is so appealing and who doesn’t want that? However, since the payout is high, the odds are low. It means, you can’t win it or get the combination easily. The chance for players to get this Royal Match with King and Queen of the same suit is only around 0.3% or in other words, the comparison is around 1:355 of the hands played. It means, you need to play about 335 to get one chance in receiving Royal Match as winning hand.

When you want to use the bet, try finding the game of Blackjack that uses over 4 decks of the card and those will offer about 6:2 of the payout for the regular match. Another version you can choose with side bet on it is Super 7s. In this version, the players can bet the first card when it is 7. If the second card is also 7, you can win more and if they can get the third 7s, they will get the very best payout ever and some of them may offer about 5000:1 of the payout for 3 suites 7s if you have it.

However, the house edge of the game is so high around 12%. It means, you need to avoid this bet and save your money instead. You can double down if necessary. You need to know that most side bets which are presented in the Tangkasnet Terpercaya table are all not fixed jackpot but they offer the progressive one. Those games may require the hand of 4 red or 4 black Aces to hit the jackpot. However, there are other odds to be paid as well in this game for you so jackpot is not the only prize there.

You can get around $2500 of the payout if you get 3 aces with the same suit. You can also get around $1500 if you have 4 aces and of course in the different suits. You may get around $250 if you have 3 aces only and $100 if you have 2 aces. Somehow, the experts of gambling tangkasnet choose to avoid the side bet because it has the high house edge. However, the good news is, if you can win the game, you can get the instant benefit and you may receive the great return.

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