Save Little Lake Valley

Stop the Caltrans Willits Bypass!

Dear Friends,

We wish to invite you to take action to challenge the largest wetlands destruction in Northern California in half a century. For three decades, voices of reason in Willits have been urging Caltrans to scale back their plans to build a $300 million, unnecessarily large Hwy 101 bypass freeway across the wetlands, farmlands, and oak savannah of Little Lake Valley. Our voices have gone unheard. More than 40 arrests have taken place at tree-sits, lock-downs, blockades and other actions of non-violent civil disobedience since Caltrans began bypass construction in March.

We here in Willits are residents of a small town, and we need your help!

Caltrans’ unnecessarily large freeway is the most environmentally destructive thing to happen in northern California in many years, needlessly contributing to global climate change and heedlessly binding transportation infrastructure to fossil fuel emitting vehicles. More than 90 percent of California wetlands have already been destroyed. We need your help to send a strong message to Caltrans: Wetlands and farmland, not freeways! We want alternatives to car culture: alternative transportation solutions (more public transportation, light rail, bicycles) and alternatives to a petroleum dependent society (solar, wind, small hydro). We need our farmland to help build a sustainable local economy.

Please join us for an action to protect the precious wetlands and farmland we still have left! And check back soon, as we’ll be updating this site with more information on this action.

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