Rally For Will at Mendocino County Courthouse Tomorrow; “Put CalTrans On Trial”

Write-up adapted from Earth First! Humboldt, which also features great regular updates about the Bypass:

Will Parrish on the wick drain derrick, June 20th.

Will Parrish on the wick drain derrick, June 20th.

Tomorrow, July 12th, at 8:00 am, supporters will rally for Will Parrish outside the Mendocino County courthouse, just before his official arraignment on three identical infractions related to trespassing after spending 12 days high up on a machine used to install wick drains into wetlands for highway construction. The additional two infraction charges are linked to his previous arrests during protests of the Willits bypass.

Come on out to the Courthouse tomorrow morning — and bring a sign. Time to put the Caltrans Bypass on trial!

Meanwhile, as seen below, work continues on the bypass as workers strip topsoil from a wetland near the tree-sit. Tree-sitters reported that in the middle of the night, dump truck after dump truck left the site full of soil. Nearby, wick drains are still being installed and farther off, pile drivers ram huge rods down into the ground for new bridges.